Too tired? No energy? No motivation? Stop thinking about it...

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Most people have busy lives; working, cooking, cleaning, family care, the list goes on. It can leave us feeling drained of energy, only wanting to crash on to a couch or bed and just relax for a bit which is totally understandable.

However, at the back of your mind you know you have the time to exercise but as you lay on the couch, there's few things worse than the thought of an intense workout so you easily talk yourself out of it.

Before I became a personal trainer I worked in retail and sales jobs between 8 and 12 hours a day, on my feet, up and down stairs all day with an hour commute either side of those shifts. I can't tell you the amount of times I've been absolutely exhausted upon arriving home but ended up having great workouts just because I kept things simple in my mind and took it one step at a time, ignoring the nagging thoughts that I'm too tired to exercise.

Let's just say you've just come home from work and you feel exhausted. Without thinking about the comfort of your couch or the effort required to prepare for a workout and the workout itself, make yourself a cup of coffee. Caffeine comes in really handy for most at this point. I'm personally not a coffee drinker so I would opt for a pre-workout but whatever floats your boat. I wouldn't recommend a sugary snack as this will cause a horrible crash shortly after.

Now you've got a bit of a boost. Getting changed and prepared for your workout seems a bit more appealing but there's still a chance you could overthink the choice between a workout and just chilling at home so just take it one step at a time without thinking about anything other than the small tasks at hand until you're fully prepared and ready.

Training gear on, phone, headphones, gym pass, keys, whatever... Just one step at a time.

You're now ready to leave home (if you need to) and head to your exercise environment. I find that some music on the way to the gym really gets me pumped for a great workout. I highly recommend having a go-to workout playlist and some good Bluetooth headphones for the journey and workout but that's totally up to you.

It's now that you can start focusing on what workout you're going to do. If you have a programme that you're following, great! If not, gather a rough plan in your mind of what exercises you want your workout to consist of.

You've arrived! Get yourself warmed up and have a great workout!

These step by step principles can be applied to many situations, not just preparing for a workout but also getting general tasks done.

Keep it simple and keep moving forward!

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