Harry is the best PT I have worked with till now! I have started private 1:1 sessions with Harry 9 month ago. With multiple injuries (back, knees and both shoulders) there was always a problem to achieve my goals. From the moment I join sessions with Harry (I made great progress and I’m extremely happy and grateful from. It’s not enough I’m increasing my strength I’m also supported with nutrition help. We work carefully around my injuries- the plan is perfectly created for my body and it’s problems. I’m very satisfied I have met Harry and will continue working with him. Highly recommend as Personal Trainer :)



Harry is the greatest! He trains my friend and I (he made it really easy for us to train as a pair) and we really enjoy the sessions. We have the option of either being outside - and he brings everything which is awesome - or inside the gym.

He introduces moves that push you to really make progress but carefully watches how hard to push which is great - it’s hard but not too hard 😁. He really looks out for form and helps you learn new exercises and improve over time.

He is also so straight talking and answers any questions we might have on things we’ve thought or read to help us cut through the ‘get strong’ noise. Thank you Harry!



I have been working with Harry the past few months, and he has been extremely motivating and supportive.
He is approachable, kind, patient, knowledgeable, a source of inspiration and motivation. He is always in a good mood and made every single session enjoyable. Working with him has been a real pleasure!



Harry is very knowledgeable and thorough with form but also makes sessions fun, thanks for helping me get stronger Harry!



Harry is an amazing PT! I have been doing paired (with a friend) and solo sessions with him and he always has a great workout planned (which you can read through on the app beforehand). Sessions are usually very varied as he has a wide range of equipment available at the gym or in his off-road trolley at the park (for the nice sunny days). He asked lots of questions at the start and tailored a plan to work on my goals. He communicates well each session about what is working what muscle and the differences in positions, which I find really helpful. Always feel great after a session and I would highly recommend Harry! (Doesn't hurt that he's an Arsenal fan too)



So after the last 18 months and lockdowns 1-74 I decided to get myself fit and active and undergo a drastic change in lifestyle, I really wanted to work with someone as opposed to trying to negotiate a minefield of information online and do it myself, I had never worked with a PT before so wasn't sure how it was going to go having heard stories, both good and bad, previously but I can honestly say after the last 3 months of working with Harry from Lionheart Heatlth and Fitness that it was the best decision I have ever made.
Harry takes a real consultative and professional approach to the individuals training and does not adopt a 'one size fits all' mentality which has only benefitred myself these last few months, we all adapt differently at the end of the day, his knowldge of both the body and nutrition is second to none and as a client that reassures me that we are working together to achieve my goals that were set out from the start however the plans are adaptive and Harry's easy going and flexible attitude has allowed us to incorpaorate differnt aspects to suit the changing requirements of his clients, im training for tough mudder in April 2022 so this flexibilty has been invaluable to me.
If you are looking to make a similar change yourself and you want to work with a true professional and someone who genuinely cares about his clients then do yourself a favour and get in touch with Harry at Lionheart Health and Fitness, you would be hard pressed to find anyone better in my opinion
Good luck with your next adventure



Harry has been great at starting me on a new, tailored training programme that responded directly to my goals. I use his PT app to do sessions on my own too, which has been great to build momentum but also have someone to check in with as I go. Harry is a great communicator and always willing to go the extra mile to get the most out of a session. Highly recommend!



I've been training with Harry post-lockdown over the past few weeks. He brings spare sanitizer and ensures all equipment is safe to use. He took the time to go over my initial goals, previous training and diet. He has great tips and advice, during what has been a challenging but rewarding training program. I would definitely recommend his personal training services.



Harry made working out enjoyable and I started noticing results really quickly!



I always saw exercising as a bit of a chore and could never motivate myself for a period of time. Harry's approach has allowed me to explore areas of exercising which are more engaging and keep me focused on achieving my fitness goals.



I never thought I'd start shifting this weight - thank you so much Harry!